About Ken


• Massage therapist since 1994

• California licensed

• Completed 2 ½ years of a 6 year program at the Sutherland Institute in Quebec (School of Osteopathy)

• Diplome de Somatherapie (Osteopathy)

Osteo-massage is how I would best describe the type of bodywork I provide. Trained in many modalities of massage, I have been working as a massage therapist since 1994. At the present time, my interest and focus have shifted more towards the osteopathic work.


• Certified 1996 Pilates studio of Los Angeles

• ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist

• Self employed Pilates / fitness trainer 1999- 2009

• Completed the Work and Teaching the Work with Jay Grimes

• Currently working at Vintage Pilates with Jay Grimes since 2011.

8th Avenue Pilates

I am dedicated to teaching Pilates as I’ve learned it from Jay Grimes as he learned it from Joseph Pilates at his studio on 8th avenue in N.Y.C. Those are my Pilates roots.